The most intense and complete football simulation ever!

Pigskin Empire is an unmatched football simulation offering a full football experience. Intensity, realism, competitiveness, RPG depth, LIVE play calling and pure fun make Pigskin Empire the best on the net!

Follow the unrivaled career path of high school recruits throughout their college and pro careers and lead them into the hall of fame and coaching ranks. Seasons run monthly, your empire awaits now!

  • College - Choose a favorite school, fight for high school recruits, build your playbook, and train players to dominate your conference and challenge for a national title in an ultra-competitive playoff system.

  • Pro - Build a pro powerhouse through the draft, trades and free agency. Manage your salary cap wisely, perfect your play design and earn a postseason berth.

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Build Your Team

  • College coaches recruit players from around the country
  • Pro coaches acquire players through a live college draft, trades and free agency
  • Build up your player's attributes through training drills and practices
  • Quick seasons that run monthly with high schools feeding college and college feeding pros

Design Your Playbook

  • Blitzes, Hail Marys, Pitches, Special Teams... create limitless plays using our play design tool
  • Set your formations, playcalling tendencies and gameplan
  • Set up practice sessions and watch your plays unfold
  • Shotgun, Wildcat, 4-3, Dime... all of your favorite formations and more

Take The Field!

  • Watch and call plays live with our unique play calling feature
  • Display your play calling prowess against other users
  • Team up with friends to build a formidable staff
  • Outsmart and outwit your opposing coaches

Pigskin Empire, the best American Football sim.. EVER. Copyright © 2011, all rights reserved. PSE is not affiliated with the NCAA or NFL.

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