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The Empire Club is a paid subscription that allows you to add both extra coaches and hours. Payments are processed through PayPal and can be purchased monthly or quarterly.

Platinum EC
- $18.00 monthly/$36.00 Quarterly - Platinum EC gives you access to six coaches and an additional forty hours per coach.

Gold EC - $15.00 monthly/$30.00 Quarterly - Gold EC gives you access to four coaches and an additional twenty five hours per coach.

Silver EC - $12.00 monthly/$24.00 Quarterly - Silver EC gives you access to three coaches and an additional fifteen hours per coach.

Bronze EC
- $9.00 monthly/$18.00 Quarterly - Bronze EC gives you access to two coaches.

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Darren Beard
Darren Beard
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Mar 15, 12:25 AM
saltypineapple: if Bill was here Darren would be banned. If monjai was here darren would be banned. If nole was here Darren would get a warning and I would get banned
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