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Need a job in the ECAA, ECAAII, or EFL? Find it here...

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New to Pigskin Empire and wanting to learn the game from one of our veteran users? If so Joe or inexpectatus have offered to help and are willing to work with and develop new users on their teams. If interested in learning from a PSE Mentor message Joe, inexpectatus, and or one of the admins.

joe123 - http://www.pigskinempire.com/coach.aspx?id=51691

ECAA - Pittsburgh - http://www.pigskinempire.com/team.aspx?id=3&v=H&sy=2115&ey=

EFL - Cincinnati - http://www.pigskinempire.com/proteam.aspx?id=1007

inexpectatus - http://www.pigskinempire.com/coach.aspx?id=43543

EFL - Green Bay Packers - http://pigskinempire.com/proteam.aspx?id=1024
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i have spots open at cincy and can make one at Pitt for people really help to learn the game.
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I'm intrested, I could be a good OC
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